Chevrolet Spark vs Maruti Alto 800 Relative study by Auto portal

Maruti-Alto-800-Vs-Chevrolet-SparkThe original Maruti Alto was introduced here in the year 2000 and after all these years a revised version Alto 800 was released in 2012. Around the same time Chevrolet, the pioneer in new age mechanics, came up with the Spark. Both these cars are perfect small family cars to be driven in congested cities with ample practical features. There has been stiff competition among these two hatchbacks. Here is a comparative review on the same.

Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 has a contemporary exterior design. The ground clearance is increased over the normal Alto and this gives it a taller profile. The updated Spark looks little smarter than Alto 800 but its design is not spanking new either. The profile of the car is much taller and wider than Alto 800. The exterior measurements indeed show that Spark is a bigger and heavier car with a higher ground clearance. Look wise, both cars score equally.

The interiors of the Alto 800 look much better than the standard Alto. The cabin space is enhanced by a raised roof and thinner front seats and the boot area also has a decent space. The updated Spark‘s interiors give out a more premium feel and is blessed with many new features which is not seen in 800. The overall layout and quality of materials used are better in the Chevrolet car than the Maruti one. But it loses on airbags which are on contrary present in the Alto 800. Likewise, the Alto 800 misses out on audio system which is present in Spark.

The Spark has a 995cc, 1 litre engine with improved DDLI system which ensures smooth and fuel efficient performance. It puts out 63 BHP of max power and 90.3 Nm of peak torque, and comes mated to a 5 speed manual gearbox. The Spark returns a mileage of 18 kmpl.  Alto 800 equips a smaller 796cc engine that is essentially an improved version of the FD8 unit. It puts out 47.5 BHP of max power and 69 Nm of peak torque. Maruti always scores high on mileage and the 800 returns 22.7 kmpl which is 5 kmpl better than the Spark. Both cars ride equally well but Alto 800 proves to be more stable on bumpy roads.

The new Spark variants start at Rs 3.26 lakhs whereas Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 is competitively priced in the range of Rs 2.3 to 3.4 lakhs. Even the top variant Alto 800 is cheaper than Spark. Spark is a better car if features and engine power are considered, but Alto 800 pleases the customer more in terms of mileage and efficiency. Moreover Maruti’s after sales service and wide range of service backup are just incomparable.

Finding the Best and Most Efficient Auto Glass Company

repair car windshield

Once you have a cracked or shattered window in your car, you need to get it repaired quickly. If you let it be, there is a high chance for the crack to spread or for the busted window to shatter even more. This can cause even more damage to your vehicle. It usually isn’t your fault when you get a cracked or broken window. Everyone has had that moment, driving down the highway, and a rock seems to fly out of nowhere and cracks right against the window. This can be very irritating and frustrating, especially if you have bought a new car.

Maybe you just don’t have the time or means to have yours repaired immediately. Begin by trying to find an auto shop that is convenient for you. If you work all day, it may be easy to look for a place by your work. Some companies can come out to your business and repair the window right in the parking lot. Convenience is key when needing to speed this process up. If you must drop your car off at the shop, find one that will accommodate you by letting you borrow a rental for the day or one that has a shuttle that will take you to where you need to go and pick you up when the car is done. The number of places that do this is woefully small, but they’re out there. This can reduce your stress and help keep you going throughout your busy day.

A Reasonable Price

Not all auto repair shops are created equally. Many prices depend on whether or not you have insurance coverage and a deductible. Some places make you call your insurance company and deal with the hassle of claims. This can be frustrating. Find a shop that will help you navigate what can be a confusing path of paperwork and phone calls needed only to get approval for repair work to be done.

If your window break was an accidental situation on the highway, many times you can be covered for your accident. You may need to give an explanation to the insurance company, but a little bit of your time can help out your situation in a positive way. If you have mini-sized break or crack, there are usually free repair centers set up in parking lots to gain some business. The job is completed right on site and you usually don’t have to pay a cent.

Trained and Qualified

Wherever you go and whichever company you decide to do business with, make sure that the workers are trained and qualified like at All Auto Glass Installation. You don’t want to have shaky and inexperienced hands putting in a new window for you. It is important to be precise when sealing in a cracked windshield, to not have a job that is done too quickly or inefficiently. This could cause the crack to split even further if it is not completed correctly. Ask friends or relatives for their advice on where to go and you can even read positive or negative reviews posted online. Should the repair not be an emergency, you’ll have plenty of time to find the right auto glass company to fit your needs.

Unexpected advantages of car renting

Car RentalSuch a habitual for us thing like automobile, at down of the 20th century was plaything only rich can afford them. This was due mainly to the mechanical nuances of driving, the necessity in chauffer and the expenses for maintaining.

It was Henry Ford who gave the world reliable and affordable cars. Ford’s determination to make an average American the owner of their own vehicle turn into revolutionary Model T and assembly line. These innovations have shaped the world we live in.

 The popularity of cars had been boosted day by day, however, the vibrant American business life lead to another car services –  car renting. It was called forth mainly due to the inconvenience of long-distance travelling. The bustling economic life in Chicago, Philadelphia and New York made the business trip a little bit inconvenient. Of course, rich men was able to take their car with them into the ship during their voyage, however, it frequently cause a lot of troubles. So many businessmen were forced to make use of municipal transport which was far from ideal.  It gave a stimulus for car rental industry.

Joe Saunders, from Nebraska, started lending out Model T to businessmen who were in a business trip in his hometown. This shrewd man fixed an mileage meter to his car and charge 10 cents a mile to refund the wear and tear of his car. This turned out to be quite a profitable idea, so Saunders set up his first rental company which offer the huge variety of cars for any taste: from affordable Chrysler to luxury one.

It comes as a no surprise that Saunders  had many followers of his business model. It was Hertz who outplayed all competitors in car rental market and The Yellow Cab Manufacturing Company comes out on top.

The blooming of airplane industry cause the flourishing of car rental industry. More and more people were in great need of the free car.

Avis Airlines Rent A Car System started their lucrative business with just a 3 vehicles in Detroit’s Willow Run Airport. Mr. Warren Avis became the king of airport franchise since he offered to remote location, which played the crucial role in the client’s choice. It seemed like Avis services could be described as “right from the sky to wherever you need”.

Despite all bumps and rises of car rental industry, this market is vital nowadays. The competition between car rental companies has created an immense competition which serves customers well: discount programmes, Hertz Promo codes, special offers for the loyal client.

Anyway, when renting a car, we became the owner of an absolutely different vehicle (luxury, family, sport cars). So we have a possibility to try on different characters and live different life for a while. So here we have few more advantages of using the rental car.

1. By using a rental car, it can help one present various image to business associates and business contacts as well. Regarding ones needs, it’s preferable to use an SUV than using ones two door coupe.

2. Car renting agencies can enable one to rent various types of vehicles that rhyme with the event or occasion at hand. Whether one would like a minivan so as the same can take all the family members on an outing or the same wants a luxury car for taking his wife for a dinner, renting agencies comes to present you with a number of options to make.

3. Through renting a vehicle, one can be able to determine if to purchase the brand you’ve rented or to go for another different brand. When one is in a market for a new car, renting the brand you opt to buy for a day or two gives extended test drive that helps discover a fine detail about the vehicle that you couldn’t otherwise.

4. In case you are in a trip that is the far distance from home, considering renting a vehicle can give a person additional time so as to enjoy yourself to the fullest. Taking an airplane to one’s destination then renting a car once, this case a person will spend less time travelling to his or her vacation spot.

5. By using a rented car, one can venture places which personal vehicle can’t. For instance, let’s say you are travelling in places where roads are unfavorable; therefore, in this case a jeep rented will be of great help for it’s designed in a way it can deal with the less favorable roads than any other car model.

6. When you are living in areas whereby only trains and subways are the only common modes of transportations, and you have found that possessing a personal car isn’t necessary. Therefore, when vacations, as well as other events, can take one to city’s subway services, renting a vehicle is the best choice to go for.

7. By choosing to rent a big vehicle, talk of a minivan, which can allow you to travel with all members of your family or many friends altogether, then a rented vehicle is the best for there are renting agencies that provide vehicles of large capacities that range from 9 to 15 passengers.

8. In case you choose to rent a vehicle when going out for leisure vacations or business related trips, then this way, cases of wear and tear on one’s personal vehicle are minimized. Consequently, this results to lowered maintenance costs as well as repair costs that could be incurred if you used a personal vehicle.

9. When ones vehicle is an old model, then renting a car for trips helps one save money that is spent on gasoline. Renting agencies ensure they stock new vehicle model that consume the little fuel possible.

10. It doesn’t matter where you travelling with a vehicle that is rented, cases of this vehicle breaking down should not be a worry to the travelling person. Renting agencies provide another car in case the car you had rented earlier breaks on the way at no charge.

West Sussex is the place for car dealers selling used vans

dealers selling used vans

It can’t be argued that sometimes buying a vehicle is hard because sometimes it can. This is especially the case when you are looking for something a bit more specific than most people. In instances such as this, it’s always more essential than ever to track down a decent van dealer. As always, it is crucial that you narrow down your search to a perfect area.

Southern Motor Group Cowfold in West Sussex is a fantastic example of a dealer that specialises in a certain type of vehicle. In general, West Sussex is great for this, so you should definitely take this location into serious consideration if you are hoping to find somewhere that can offer you something in the way of a more focused search.

What West Sussex can offer you

In terms of specialised vehicles, there are a few places in West Sussex that can offer used vans, if this is what you require. It can be difficult to locate dealers that can provide quality vans, yet you shouldn’t have this problem if you search West Sussex. There, you will find authorised places with trained technicians for MOT and Service facilities. They might also stock a range of accessories.

If you go online in order to do some research into dealers in West Sussex, you should easily be able to find somewhere that can sell you the used van that you are after. You will also be able to specify on the site which make and model you want, as well as add a price range. Take a careful look through the stock to make sure they have what you are after and read all the technical details.

Specialised dealers will be easy to locate

If you need a van dealer that specialises in certain vehicles then you should end up more than satisfied if you choose to find one in West Sussex. Just make sure to do all the necessary reading online first so that you are certain that you know what is on offer. Buying used vans couldn’t be easier once you find the right place, so try West Sussex and you won’t regret it.

How Auto Mechanics Work

For a simple car owner, collision accidents are one of the gravest misfortunes to encounter. If they did, aside from praying for a way out of it, they have to shell out a huge amount of hard cold cash. This is quite easy yet a little bit painful for the rich ones but on the part of a single dad making a living for five children, this is quite debilitating and devastating. Aside from this financial problem, having to pick the right repair shop amongst the sea of collision repair Vancouver shops out there could be time consuming and a scary thing to do. One must find the best and greatest repair shop that would make the investment of a huge amount worth it. For consumers who are currently in a recently post–collision accident and for those who would like to prepare and be ready before the calamity strikes, we advise you to hear the words from the gathered thoughts, minds and expertise of numerous experts coming from the various collision repair shops.

Find a good Collision Repair Shop

What is the next thing to do? This is the most common question that people often ask online car repair experts when they get to be involved in the hideous collision accident. The answer to this question is quite simple: get your butt and car into a good collision repair shop either near your vicinity or on the other neighborhood. But before your get there, it is advisable for you to hold within your mind the ways of generating a better judgment as experts would when trying to find a good collision repair shop out there. Here are three simple yet proven ways to get to know which shop you and your car would benefit the most out of their collision repair services.

First, getting in touch of your insurance company is one of the best idea there is in century when trying to get hold of a good, if not the best, collision repair shop out there. This would easily be done when you get to file your insurance coverage for the collision damage after the accident. Your insurance company would look at the damage personally, determine how much you would need and help you fix it as long as you have reached their quota on insurance coverage of $500. The insurance company would provide you list of car repair shops that specialize in repairing collision accident damages. They also hold the records of the best mechanic there is in town all for your benefit. Not only this, insurance companies have agents that are tasked to attend to your needs personally and so they would be by your side when handling concerns such as budget and financial restraints along with if the collision repair shop did stayed on the right repairs and costing as stated in their packaged fixing agreement with the insurance company. Safety and benefits are within your reach as the insurance company would back you up.

Second, never let prices and the shops’ rating costs dictate your mind into what shop to tow your wrecked car into. It is a common misconception that people think that the cheapest offer would completely save their savings. That truth is prices don’t determine the quality of work that the shop would guarantee or present to you. If you go for the cheapest offer and get not so good result, you’ll have to tow your car to numerous shops multiple times until it is as good as new. At the end of the day, you still paid for a lot which would have prevented it from happening when you got the right repair shop on the first time you towed your car. Remember, superior quality of repair shop services determines the durability and success of the repair, not to mention fewer touchups are to be done.

Lastly, visit the shops and check it personally. Gather the needed licenses or certifications that would give authenticity on the shop’s ability to repair any damages, especially those caused by collision accidents. Collision repair experts suggest that you look into the shop if they hold the highest level of expertise certificate or what experts refer to as I – CAR Gold Class professional certification. This would ensure the shop’s competency to do the repairs on your car.

Talking About Compulsory Basic Training

A training course for independently riding and operating a motorcycle and/or moped is the Compulsory Basic Training course or CBT. Beginning in 1990, in the UK it became mandatory for all riders in an effort to lessen road accidents which result from uninformed and inexperienced drivers. Drivers are enabled by Compulsory Basic Training to gain their license once they pass the practical and theory tests. After the CBT has been completed, for two years it will remain valid.


What Can Be Expected
Five phases, to be completed in sequence one by one, are what the Compulsory Basic Training course consists of. This means, of course, that you should complete the first phase before advancing to the second, and so on. Only if the instructor is totally satisfied and convinced that you have mastered the necessary skills for one level can you move forward to the next one. These levels are as follows:

  • Basic Introduction
  • Practical(On-site)Training
  • Practical(On-site)Riding
  • Practical(On-road)Training
  • Practical(On-road)Riding

You are going to be awarded a certificate of completion which is also known as the DL196, once you have successfully completed each of these phases. After you receive this document, considered valid will be all the entitlements which are included in your driving license.

In regard to the DL196, you must keep in mind that there are some considerations. After it is granted to you, for the next two years any entitlement included in it will be valid, but you are still expected to complete and pass tests on practical application and theory. Should these tests be failed by you during this two year period, the requirement you will face will be to retake the CBT.

Still another vital consideration is that if your driving test has been passed by you with an active DL196, or if you pass the car test and have a DL106 and then complete the CBT, then the certificate will not expire. You will thus, as a result, be required to keep your DL196. Keep in mind though that it is to mopeds that this consideration is applicable. Should you be a learner seeking to qualify to ride motorcycles, for two years, the DL196 will remain active.

Receiving The Best Training

You can expect, and will receive at Motoden Suzuki the highest quality instruction and training to give you the right knowledge and skills in driving scooters and motorcycles efficiently and safely. The DSA(Driving Standards Agency) has approved our training, ensuring you the confidence that you are learning from only authorized instructors who are simply the best at what they do.

The location of our facilities is 507 Kingsland Road, London E8, which is next to Scooterden. You may call us at 020-7241-1111 for any inquiries and appointments, or you can email Tim Carmichael.

Charges for Training

Weekdays with a hire bike being used – L130*
Weekends with a hire bike being used – L140*

*Included in these prices besides the bike hire is the use of helmets and gloves, and insurance.

When a Compulsory Basic Training course is booked by you, prior to your scheduled appointment, we require training charges to be paid in full. Give us a call at 0020-7241-1111 to manage your payments and arrange any special bookings. Provide the following information to us:

  • Your complete name
  • Full address
  • Contact Numbers(landline and mobile)
  • Email Address

Additional Information We Require/Need

  • The two parts of your U.K license
  • Whether or not it is a motorcycle or scooter that you wish to hire
  • If it is a bike you want, would you prefer an automatic or a geared machine
  • Information on your credit card like number, date of issue, expiry date, security number and if applicable, issue number
  • The date you prefer to undertake training, and the day of the week you prefer with possible alternatives

Should it be your bike you prefer to use, you are required to bring:

  • Original certificate of insurance or cover note
  • Valid Road Tax
  • MOT(for bikes more than 3 years old)
  • L-Plates Rear & Front

Last minute bookings for riders we can also facilitate. Book your cbt test london today. Just send us an email or call us so we can get your requirements facilitated.

Minibuses Are An Excellent Taxi Alternative

One form of transportation that has achieved a lot of attention in recent years is travelling by minibus. Although long associated with party buses for hire, these buses also have several advantages for corporate travellers. They not only allow for increased space, but allow people to travel in groups without any problem. The best advantage by far is that they allow stylish travel, complete with experienced drivers who have a professional attitude.

When you’re choosing an option for minibus hire Heathrow Airport, you want to make sure that you are using a company with the right experience and the most professional drivers. Minibus hire drivers are always prompt and reliable, ensuring that you will have a ride to and from the airport when you require it. When you’re travelling for business purposes, there is greater peace of mind knowing that you don’t need to worry about whether you’ll be on time.

Using a minibus to pick up executives with a company or important clients makes a good impression. Most business professionals will see themselves as being carefully looked after when someone arrives to pick them up. Drivers use name boards, as well as passwords, if requested, to ensure that everything is completely safe. The booking team will set everything up without any problem.

There are many reasons that minibus hire stands out from among the other transport options for executives. Minibuses accommodate from 9 to 16 people, ensuring that everyone in the travelling party has the room that they require. Reclining seats help keep the rides comfortable, and the buses offer workstations as well. You can even read your favourite newspapers while riding to and from the airport.

Executives or clients visiting from other areas will feel quite comfortable with the minibus options. Because they have a dedicated driver, it is not necessary for travellers to have to navigate their way through London streets that they are unfamiliar with. Groups can stay together easily without the worries involved with having separate vehicles.

Although there are taxis in abundance at Heathrow, yet many business travellers find that a minibus is a more convenient option. There is additional space, without the added expenses of using more than one taxi to travel. Because the driver doesn’t have to cope with the demands of picking up other passengers, travellers are assured of having someone readily available for all their needs.

Sightseeing is an important part of visiting London, and minibus drivers offer a great way to see some of London’s favourite sights. Even the busiest of people will have some leisure time that they may wish to use to see some of these sights. Taking a sightseeing trip with your colleagues is a great way to relax and enjoy a less stressful business trip.

A minibus hire Heathrow Airport option is also very useful for business travellers who plan to eat out during their stay. The bus will take everyone to the restaurant on time, and ensure that they arrive at their destination safely afterwards. Because many business meetings take place over meals, this is a useful option.

AR Universal offers minibus hire options to suit all your transportation needs to and from Heathrow Airport. Anyone who plans to travel to london, especially for business purposes, will enjoy the options that they have when they opt for a minibus hire option.

Why You Should Visit Your Local Jeep Dealership Today

There are few feelings in the world more exhilarating that driving off the the lot of the car dealership in a brand new vehicle. The smell of the interior, the zeroes across the odometer, and the looks you get as your drive down the street in your brand new car all make the experience simply one of a kind. But what if you’re perfectly happy with your current car? Well, you haven’t taken a trip to your local car dealership lately, then. If you haven’t seen what some of the new cars have to offer, you simply don’t know what you’re missing out on. Here are just a few reasons why you should visit your local Jeep dealership in Arlington today.

New Cars are Safer

While you may be perfectly happy driving around your decades old car, the truth of the matter is that older cars simply aren’t as safe as the newer models. Even cars that are a few years old, less than a decade, don’t have all of the safety bells and whistles that the newer cars have. Back up cameras, lane change signals, and even air bags have all either been added to most new cars or become better over the past few years. All it takes is one second of errant or distracted driving by you or someone else on the road to cause a catastrophic crash, which means that it’s in your best interest to do everything you can in your power to ensure you and your passengers are as safe as possible. And this starts with taking a trip to your local dealership and checking out the newest models that they have in stock.

Prices are Affordable

Many people hang on to their car for as long as possible because they don’t have a car payment. There is, however, another school of thought that makes just as much sense: why not trade your car in for a new one while it still has some value? Instead of waiting a decade to trade your car in, why not trade it in after five years of ownership so that you can actually get some money out of it which you could then put towards a new car? It makes financial sense, especially when you consider the affordable nature of many new cars. Regardless of your budget, you can find a vehicle that meets your specific needs. Take a trip to your local dealership and just browse. You might be surprised at how much car you can get for your money.

You Can Save Money

While many potential car buyers look at the initial purchase price as the only monetary factor in the decision making process, there is a bigger picture that you need to look at in order to get the full effect of what buying a new car entails. Chances are that your new car will get better gas mileage than your older car. That factor alone could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year in gas money, depending on how much you drive. Couple that with the fact that the older your car, the more money you’ll inevitably pay in repair costs, you could be saving yourself quite a bit of cash in the long run if you opt to buy a new car.

Factors that makes a driving school

When it comes to driving we are always ready with the answer that we know driving. We will have to make sure that in spite knowing how to drive we will have to take thorough training to hit the road in confidence. When we are ready to hit the road we will need the license and for that we need to take proper training from proper driving school. Moreover, we will have to understand the fact that there are many things as that we will have to take care before we are off to hit the road. It is not always enough to know how to drive; we will also have to take proper training to get the license and also hit the road with confidence and attitude.

It is quite obvious that when we have a car at home we will know the basics of driving and the fact that we will be able to drive the basic ways. However, that is not enough. We will have to make sure that we are driving properly maintaining all the traffic rules and regulations. Driving is a matter of space, speed, distance and time. We will have to make sure that the driving school that we are taking training from are the best in town and can help us know what are the things that we need to know to face the real world and hit the road with confidence.

Prominent factors

A good Driving school Toronto will have the minimum of a certain period of in-class and on-car training. Before we proceed we need to be clear about what are these two are:

In-class training: This is a type of training where the candidates are with few handful of session where they will be provided with the training that we need to understand the dos and don’ts on the road. This will help us to understand that there are many things that we probably didn’t know when we even knew how to drive. In fact, in class training is always given in the beginning of the session so as to make sure that we do not get confused with the traffic rules and regular while we are in the on the car traini8ng.

On-car training: This is the second phase of the driving training and make sure that we know the detail of driving a car and being a responsible driver on the road. A good driving training school will make sure that we are being trained properly to be a confident and responsible driver on road. They will also teach how to be spontaneous and be active on the road and to use immediate intelligence to avoid any accident.

Volkswagen Polo Facelift – Review by Autoportal

The Volkswagen Polo is an international car model launched initially in 1975. The car is available in India in hatchback form since 2009. The Polo Facelift unveiled during the 2014 Geneva Motor Show has been launched in India in July 2014.

2014 Facelift variants, prices

Normal updating of a car is limited to some minor cosmetic changes only. But the Volkswagen India has introduces new features on the exterior as well as under the hood including the introduction of new engines. The Polo Facelift comes in 4 petrol and 4 diesel variants. The GT TSI petrol automatic and GT TDI diesel manual variants are tuned to higher power. The car is priced Rupees 5.33 to 8.48 lakh.

Exterior changes

The company has modified certain aspects on the body to make it trendier. A new front grille, a new bumper having a chrome strip running across with fog lamps and new sets of head lamp fittings have been placed on the Facelift. The rear bumper with an integrated number plate and 10 spoke 15″ alloy wheels have also been re-designed.

Changes in the cabin

The Polo has one of the safest cabins which are comfortable too. A sportier steering wheel, more chrome accents around and a new voice command system are the new features inside the cabin. In the cabin of the Polo even the base variants are provided with 2 air bags and power steering with tilt and telescopic adjustment. Top variants have extra safety features like ABS, EBD and ESP and comfort features like an automatic AC body coloured electric ORVMs, rear parking sensors and a 2 Din music system with Bluetooth connectivity.

Changes under the hood and mileages

The new 1.5 litre TDI engine is the major change under the hood which delivers 89 bhp and 230 NM torque with a fuel efficiency of 20.14 kmpl. The GT TDI variant tuned to 103 bhp and 250 NM torque gives 19.91 kmpl. The petrol variants powered by 1.2L, 74 bhp and 110 NM torque engines give mileages of 16.47 kmpl. The GT TSI variant tuned to 103 bhp and 175 NM torque gives mileages of 16.47 kmpl.

Other details of the Polo Facelift

  • Soft suspensions to suit Indian roads
  • Keyless entry for all variants except the Trendline
  • Driver information display
  • Roof rails for GT variants
  • R14 tyres for the base and R15 for the top variants
  • 65 to 75 % of the parts locally produced.

Our views

Modern looks, powerful engines, quality cabins and comfortable ride qualities are the plus points of the Polo Facelift. The Polo GT TSI is the best automatic hatchback available in the market.